Raising Institutional Investment Standards


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Investment and Operations Transformation

Institutionalization is a journey that manifests differently at various stages of an institution's lifecycle.


Our investment and operations transformation solutions actively guide clients through this journey. By conducting detailed gap analysis and providing implementation support, we assist our clients in achieving their objectives and realizing their vision.

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ODD Ready

Failing an ODD can result in the loss of institutional capital, with asset managers not always receiving feedback on what went wrong.


ORC, as an ODD expert, actively leverages over 100 years of experience within our senior team. We partner with asset managers, preparing them to successfully pass institutional-grade ODD by efficiently aligning them with global best practices.

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"At the heart of ORC’s mission is empowering both asset owners and managers to transform their investment and operating frameworks. Together, we elevate institutionalization levels and set new global standards for investment excellence."

Nigel Morriss


Case Studies

Establishing a New Asset Manager

Pension Fund

Embarking on a transformative journey, ORC played a pivotal role in constructing an investment management company from inception.

We not only facilitated a meticulous custodian selection process but also crafted the organization's structure in alignment with global best practices. Our comprehensive operating model spans front, middle, and back-office activities, ensuring firm governance at its core.

Investment Framework Transformation

Asset Manager

ORC actively supported a large asset manager in its investment framework transformation journey to attract more institutional capital.

Leveraging ORC's deep experience, we proactively developed private equity and real estate policies, procedures and frameworks, aligning the client's operating models with industry best practice standards.

Operating Model Transformation

Asset Manager

ORC partnered with the client to conduct a detailed assessment of their operating model, policies, procedures, technology framework and delegation of responsibilities.

Leveraging the extensive knowledge gained from the thousands of ODDs conducted by our senior team, we actively enhanced these areas, significantly increasing the institutionalization of the client.