Investment and Operations Transformation

Raising Institutional Investment Standards



Institutionalization is a journey that manifests differently at various stages of an institution's lifecycle.


Our investment and operations transformation solutions actively guide clients through this journey. By conducting detailed gap analysis and providing implementation support, we assist our clients in achieving their objectives and realizing their vision.

Benefits of Transformation Solutions

Why Embark on Transformation?

Institutionalization is a dynamic journey. Whether starting out or already managing significant AUM levels, all our clients derive benefits from assessing their current investment and operating models against peers and institutional standards.


ORC's senior team, having conducted thousands of ODD exercises for some of the world's largest institutional investors, and actively leverages this knowledge to support clients in institutionalising and unlocking further AUM growth.

Unlocking True Potential

ORC's tried and tested advisory solutions help its clients to unlock the true potential of their own organisation, whether that is increasing AUMs, attracting institutional allocators or minimising risk in internal processes.

ORC has assisted numerous clients achieve a wide variety of objectives, tailoring its solutions to meet the specific requirements of the project at hand.

Why ORC?

Tailored Approach

ORC has completed multiple large, complex transformation projects, led by its senior team of investment and operations specialists.

ORC is flexible to its client's requirements and ensures that the client's objectives are at the forefront of decision-making.

Partnership Model

ORC believes in long-term partnership models, treating the clients missions and objectives as its own. Our clients' success is our success and our team acts as an extension of the client's.

ORC seeks to understand what makes the client's business tick and is often re-engaged by its clients after the initial engagement to continue to enable institutional transformation and growth.

How We Do It

Comprehensive Gap Analysis

By engaging in both desktop analysis and collaborative workshops with our clients, ORC actively gains a detailed understanding of their current investment framework and operating model. We further explore our clients' future vision and the desired outcomes from this exercise.


Leveraging this insight, we deliver a comprehensive gap analysis report, identifying gaps through ORC's extensive experience in institutional standards, and offering recommendations to effectively close these gaps.

Implementation Oversight

ORC actively facilitates the implementation of the transformation roadmap. Beyond drafting or enhancing required charters, policies and procedures, we provide comprehensive project management support to ensure our clients meet key objectives within the required timeframes.

Transformation Roadmap

ORC actively strives to be part of the solution, going beyond just issue identification. We support our clients by delivering a detailed roadmap for remediation actions, including recommending key components of the remediation activities like governance and organizational restructures. Additionally, we highlight key workflows to facilitate the drafting or enhancement of essential policies and procedures.


Leveraging our wealth of experience, we recommend institutional standards to guide and fortify the remediation process.