Custody & Fund Administration

Raising Institutional Investment Standards


Our Custody & Fund Administration Solutions

Custodian and Fund Administrator Selection and ODD

At ORC, we recognize the critical importance of selecting the right service provider for asset owners and asset managers, especially for crucial relationships like those with custodians and fund administrators. We actively support our clients through various means, from overseeing a fully managed RFP process to conducting meticulous due diligence on service providers chosen by our clients.


Drawing upon our extensive experience in the global service provider landscape and cultivating relationships with top players worldwide, we ensure our clients find the perfect partner for their specific needs.

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Ongoing Service Reviews

Selection marks only the inception of a long-term partnership with service providers. The ongoing monitoring of service quality and the evolution of the relationship are crucial. ORC's automated solutions can help ensure effective ongoing monitoring of all vendor relationships.


ORC actively supports our clients by conducting regular service review meetings with their service providers on their behalf. Collaborating closely with our clients, we address issues or changing requirements, and rigorously assess the service provider's performance using a robust scoring methodology directly linked to KPIs and SLAs.

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"With extensive experience in service provider selection and monitoring, we have successfully conducted complex, large-scale operating model development and enhancement projects on behalf of leading investment organizations."

Nigel Morriss


Case Studies

Enhancing Service and Relationship Standards

Sovereign Wealth Fund

Actively partnering with the client, ORC designed and implemented a custody service review and risk management framework. This initiative monitored the ongoing service standards provided to the client, addressed any incidents or errors, reviewed and updated the SLA and KPIs and established a remediation plan for any identified risks. Successfully conducting these service reviews for a period of five years, ORC ultimately empowered our client to bring ownership of this process in-house.

Fund Administrator Due Diligence


Actively partnering with one of the largest banks in their jurisdiction, we conducted a detailed operational due diligence on their chosen fund administrator. Throughout this process, we identified several key steps the fund administrator needed to take before engagement and actively assisted our client in mitigating the operational risks associated with this strategic partnership.

Custodian Selection and Implementation Solution

Pension Fund

Selected to support the consolidation of 11 pension funds, ORC played a pivotal role in creating an independent investment company to manage the consolidated portfolio. In this intricate project, we actively supported our client through a detailed selection process and provided a comprehensive plan to facilitate the implementation of the custodian relationship.