ESG Framework Design

Raising Insitutional Investment Standards



As asset allocators navigate the evolving landscape of ESG approaches, ORC actively supports them in shaping their strategies.


We collaborate with our clients, aiding them in defining and documenting their ESG objectives, and we work together to craft a robust ESG governance framework aligned with these objectives.

Benefits of ESG Frameworks

Why have an ESG Framework?

Effectively translating ESG objectives into actionable investments requires a well-defined assessment framework.


ORC leverages its in-depth understanding of ESG in asset management to actively guide our clients in crafting and documenting a robust ESG framework. This includes establishing clear governance structures and assessment criteria, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to ESG integration with external asset managers.

Why ORC?

Bespoke ESG Frameworks

Collaborating closely with our clients, ORC actively obtains a detailed understanding of their ESG objectives. We adeptly translate these high-level goals into a detailed and customized ESG framework.


Our bespoke frameworks extend beyond the investment process, encompassing aspects of good corporate and market citizenship.

How We Do It

Understanding Clients ESG Objectives

Utilizing our comprehensive ESG framework, ORC actively guides our clients in the formulation of their ESG objectives and strategies.


Through collaborative efforts, we pinpoint our clients' specific ESG focus areas and provide support in realizing their broader ESG vision.

Designing an ESG Framework

ORC actively combines our understanding of clients' ESG objectives with our extensive knowledge of industry best practices to formally document their ESG frameworks.


Tailored to our clients' needs, this framework encompasses ESG goals, governance structures, investment guidelines, reporting requirements and corporate and social responsibility. We provide our clients with a comprehensive end-to-end ESG solution.