ODD Ready

Preparing Asset Managers for Institutional Investors



Failing an ODD can result in the loss of institutional capital, with asset managers not always receiving feedback on what went wrong.


ORC, as an ODD expert, actively leverages the over 100 years of experience within our senior team. We partner with asset managers, preparing them to successfully pass institutional-grade ODD by efficiently aligning them with global best practices.

Benefits of ODD Ready Solutions

Why Prepare for ODD?

The scope and depth of Operational Due Diligence (ODD) are ever-changing, and even managers with seasoned professionals may struggle to identify the full and current requirements of ODD practitioners.


To mitigate the risk of these gaps surfacing during an ODD exercise with a live institutional investor, ORC actively partners with its clients. We identify and remediate these gaps beforehand, significantly increasing their chances of successfully passing institutional-grade ODD.

Why ORC?

ODD Ready

Drawing from their extensive careers conducting thousands of ODDs, ORC's senior team actively leverages this wealth of experience to perform a mock ODD on clients.


We identify gaps against best practices, supporting our clients with risk remediation and aligning their operating models with market best practices, thereby effectively preparing them for institutional ODD.

How We Do It

Mock ODD Exercises

ORC performs detailed mock ODD exercises for our clients, simulating an institutional-grade ODD process. This involves a meticulous analysis of an RFI response and document submission, along with a targeted ODD meeting.


We deliver the results of this process to our clients in the form of an ODD report. This report replicates what we would send to an institutional investor that had engaged us to conduct this ODD.

Implementation Oversight

ORC actively facilitates the implementation of the transformation roadmap. Beyond drafting or enhancing required charters, policies and procedures, we provide comprehensive project management support to ensure our clients meet key objectives within the required timeframes.

Implementation Solutions

ORC actively strives to be part of the solution, going beyond just issue identification. We support our clients by delivering a detailed roadmap for remediation actions, including recommending key components of the remediation activities like governance and organizational restructures. Additionally, we highlight key workflows to facilitate the drafting or enhancement of essential policies and procedures.


Leveraging our wealth of experience, we recommend institutional standards to guide and fortify the remediation process.