Custodian and Fund Administrator Operational Due Diligence

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At ORC, we recognize the critical importance of selecting the right service provider for asset owners and asset managers, especially for crucial relationships like those with custodians and fund administrators. We actively support our clients through various means, from overseeing a fully managed RFP process to conducting meticulous due diligence on service providers chosen by our clients.


Drawing upon our extensive experience in the global service provider landscape and cultivating relationships with top players worldwide, we ensure our clients find the perfect partner for their specific needs.

Benefits of Custodian/Fund Administrator Operational Due Diligence

Why Employ a Robust Selection Process?

Custodian and fund administrator relationships are long-term partnerships crucial for efficient operational processes and investor protection.


Making the right choice of a partner is vital. ORC actively leverages its significant experience and global relationships to ensure our clients can confidently select the right partner through a comprehensive selection and due diligence process.

Why ORC?

Comprehensive Selection Process

Built on the significant experience of our senior team working with custodians and fund administrators, ORC's robust and detailed framework ensures a comprehensive selection process for our clients.


From drafting a bespoke RFP to providing a detailed recommendation report, ORC actively supports our clients at every stage of their custodian and fund administrator selection journey.

How We Do It

Bespoke RFPs

Collaborating closely with our clients, ORC comprehensively understands their specific needs from the custodian or fund administrator. Leveraging both this understanding and our vast industry knowledge, we expertly craft a bespoke RFP tailored to the client and their portfolios.


Post-drafting, ORC fully manages the RFP process, including issuance, fielding questions from the custodian or fund administrator and ensuring the timely receipt of all responses.

Robust Scoring Methodology

Utilizing the RFP responses and findings from the onsite due diligence, and overlaying this with our expertise, ORC actively conducts a detailed assessment of the custodian or fund administrator using its comprehensive scoring methodology.


The initial scoring is then overlaid with weightings mutually agreed with our clients, ensuring their focus areas take precedence in this evaluation process.

Ongoing Monitoring

Selection marks only the inception of a long-term partnership with service providers. The ongoing monitoring of service quality and the evolution of the relationship are crucial.


ORC actively supports our clients by conducting regular service review meetings with their service providers on their behalf. Collaborating closely with our clients, we address issues or changing requirements, and rigorously assess the service provider's performance using a robust scoring methodology directly linked to KPIs and SLAs.

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Comprehensive Due Diligence

ORC actively supports our clients in creating a shortlist from the initial list of custodians or fund administrators. Subsequently, we conduct a robust and targeted onsite due diligence process, assisting our clients as they gain a full understanding of both the scope of services and the capabilities of their potential partner.

Detailed Recommendation Report

ORC furnishes its clients with a detailed recommendation report, delineating the results of the selection process and making a clear recommendation on which custodian or fund administrator should be chosen.


This recommendation is bolstered by detailed analysis and comparison to peers, providing our clients with all the information they require to make an informed decision on their future partnership.