Operational Due Diligence

Raising Institutional Investment Standards


Our ODD Solutions

Operational Due Diligence

We partner with multiple asset owners, serving as their ODD partner and leveraging the benefits of our industry-leading ODD framework. ORC adopts partnership approaches that encompass fully outsourced models, co-sourced models and providing behind-the-scenes support for in-house teams.


In collaboration with our clients, ORC actively safeguards their interests by identifying operational risks at the point of investment, within the full spectrum of liquid and illiquid asset classes, allowing for regional flavour and manager maturity, while maintaining the integrity of our rigorous due diligence process.

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Ongoing Monitoring

Operational risk persists post investment. ORC actively manages ongoing manager monitoring through a fully managed solution that combines sophisticated automation with a qualitative overlay from our senior team of highly experienced ODD practitioners.


Our fully remote and highly automated assessment can eliminate the need for periodic onsite due diligence meetings with managers, thereby significantly enhancing our clients’ capacity to focus on value-add activities.

Our Ongoing Monitoring solution is versatile and can be used to monitor ODD, IDD and portfolio companies on an ongoing basis.

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"At ORC, ODD isn't just a service; it's the cornerstone of our business. We provide industry-leading solutions, drawing from our extensive experience conducting due diligence on thousands of asset managers and service providers globally."

Maria Long

Partner | Head of ODD

Case Studies

Enhancing Venture Capital ODD Standards

Development Fund

Since Q3 2024, ORC has actively taken on the exclusive role of ODD provider for a client with a developmental mandate, conducting over 30 ODDs to date.

Our approach has been highly customized, delivering time-bound recommendations that meticulously consider both the maturity of the manager and the jurisdiction.

Sole ODD Provider to a Leading Asset Owner

Sovereign Wealth Fund

ORC conducted over 50 initial ODD assessments for potential investments on behalf of the client. In parallel, we conducted periodic re-reviews of the client's existing portfolio.

Through close collaboration, we actively developed an ODD training program, empowering the client to enhance their involvement in the due diligence process.

Combined ODD for Multiple Asset Owners

Government Related Entities

ORC actively partners with two government-related entities to pioneer an innovative solution for ODD on their overlapping investments. We conduct ODD on behalf of both institutions, incorporating client-specific risk focus areas to maximize capacity at both the allocator and the asset manager level.