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ORC Selects Dasseti to Underpin Cutting Edge Ongoing Manager Monitoring Investment Advisory Services

Dasseti Collect will underpin ORC’s extensive intellectual capital and established processes with cutting-edge, AI-powered data collection, management and analysis capabilities. The partnership is part of ORC’s digital-first approach to providing services that are considered amongst the best in the industry.

ORC’s Head of Operational Due Diligence and Risk Management Advisory, Maria Long said,

“ORC’s systematic approach to ongoing manager monitoring is enriched by our combined 100 years of ODD experience, giving our clients a strategic edge when navigating the complex and evolving landscape of operational risk. Dasseti Collect will allow us to scale our current advisory services, and introduce new lines of business that can only be a benefit to our clients.”

Dasseti Collect has been designed specifically for the institutional investment sector, digitizing and automating manual processes, enforcing process workflows and ensuring maximum data coverage. Investment managers commonly report the ease of use and intuitive interface allowing asset allocators to obtain and maintain high quality data sets at scale.

Dasseti CEO and Founder Wissem Souissi said,

“ORC is an organisation that shares similar values to ours. We are both focused on providing the best possible service for clients, to allow them to de-risk operations and investments. Our platform Dasseti Collect will initially allow ORC to streamline due diligence, ongoing manager monitoring and in future can support ORC’s ESG and investment advisory services.”

ORC has joined a global network of Dasseti clients that span the institutional investment sector globally.