ESG Due Diligence

Raising Institutional Investment Standards



As ESG policies become a standard requirement in institutional investor due diligence, concerns arise about the implementation gap between policy and practice.


ORC actively assists asset owners in identifying and mitigating these gaps by conducting a thorough assessment of the implementation and integration of ESG policies within the investment process and governance structure.


We also support proactive assessments for asset managers seeking to evaluate their own ESG policy implementation.

Benefits of ESG Due Diligence

Why Do ESG Due Diligence?

Concerns persist about asset managers not fully implementing ESG policies, drawing attention from institutional allocators and global regulators alike.


Leveraging our extensive due diligence experience and ESG framework knowledge, ORC actively aids asset owners by conducting detailed assessments. We evaluate whether the asset managers they are invested in have fully integrated ESG policies into their investment processes.


Additionally, we offer proactive assessments for asset managers looking to evaluate and enhance their own ESG policy implementation.

Why ORC?

Comprehensive ESG Due Diligence Framework

Drawing on the extensive interactions of its senior team with global allocators, asset managers, regulators and industry associations on ESG, ORC has developed its ESG Diligence Framework.


Whether representing our asset allocator clients or assisting asset managers in their improvement efforts, we conduct a comprehensive assessment. This includes evaluating areas such as resourcing, investment processes, compliance and risk management, along with assessing the level of integration of the ESG policy within the firm.

How We Do It

ESG Policy Assessment

ORC takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing asset managers' ESG policies, employing two distinct lenses. Firstly, we assess the quality of the policy.


Leveraging both our due diligence and ESG expertise, we provide a qualitative evaluation on aspects such as level of detail, governance, measurement and reporting.


The second part of the review extracts the actionable commitments outlined in the ESG policy, laying the foundation for the subsequent stages of the process.

ESG Policy Testing

Building upon our due diligence experience, ORC actively leverages the actionable commitments identified in the ESG policy assessment by testing their level of implementation.


We engage with asset managers, seeking documented evidence of these commitments in action, evaluating their integration not only in the investment process but also in governance forums, compliance testing, and risk management oversight.