Ongoing Monitoring

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ORC Selects Dasseti to Underpin Cutting Edge Ongoing Manager Monitoring Investment Advisory Services

Dasseti Collect will underpin ORC’s extensive intellectual capital and established processes with cutting-edge, AI-powered data collection, management and analysis capabilities. The partnership is part of ORC’s digital-first approach to providing services that are considered amongst the best in the industry.

ORC’s Head of Operational Due Diligence and Risk Management Advisory, Maria Long said,

“ORC’s systematic approach to ongoing manager monitoring is enriched by our combined 100 years of ODD experience, giving our clients a strategic edge when navigating the complex and evolving landscape of operational risk. Dasseti Collect will allow us to scale our current advisory services, and introduce new lines of business that can only be a benefit to our clients.”

Dasseti Collect has been designed specifically for the institutional investment sector, digitizing and automating manual processes, enforcing process workflows and ensuring maximum data coverage. Investment managers commonly report the ease of use and intuitive interface allowing asset allocators to obtain and maintain high quality data sets at scale.

Dasseti CEO and Founder Wissem Souissi said,

“ORC is an organisation that shares similar values to ours. We are both focused on providing the best possible service for clients, to allow them to de-risk operations and investments. Our platform Dasseti Collect will initially allow ORC to streamline due diligence, ongoing manager monitoring and in future can support ORC’s ESG and investment advisory services.”

ORC has joined a global network of Dasseti clients that span the institutional investment sector globally.

Visualise Your Risk Exposure


ORC is digital first in its ongoing manager monitoring. Operational risk persists post investment. ORC actively oversees ongoing manager monitoring through a an end-to-end solution that combines sophisticated automation with a qualitative overlay from our senior team of highly experienced ODD practitioners.


Our fully remote and highly automated assessment can eliminate the need for periodic onsite due diligence meetings with managers, thereby significantly enhancing our clients’ capacity to focus on value-add activities.

ORC's Ongoing Monitoring solution is flexible to client requirements and can be utilised for the ongoing monitoring of ODD, IDD and portfolio companies.

Benefits of Ongoing Monitoring

Why Do Ongoing Monitoring?

Operational risks persist and evolve, demanding constant vigilance from asset allocators in this ever-changing landscape.


ORC actively partners with its clients, not only to monitor identified risks from the initial ODD process but also to assess new risks and remediation activities undertaken by the manager since their identification. This approach provides our clients with a dynamic view of their current risk landscape, highlighting managers actively striving for improvement and those requiring attention.

Automated Solutions

ORC, in partnership with its strategic partner, offers a specialized and automated tool for providing bespoke questionnaires to managers, scoring responses based on a pre-agreed scoring methodology and offering our clients insights across their entire portfolios.

Why ORC?

Bespoke Approach

ORC customizes its solution, incorporating key client requests. We target client-specific focus areas and conduct ongoing monitoring at the frequency desired by clients.


Our approach involves actively monitoring specific remediation milestones, providing trackable progress for both the client and ORC.

Expert Qualitative Overlay

ORC enhances our automated approach with a qualitative overlay from our team of specialists, who have conducted thousands of ODDs globally.


This overlay involves reviewing key documents, providing opinions on responses and empowering our ODD specialists to override automated scoring where factors either mitigate or compound identified risks.

How We Do It

Our solutions offer customization, allowing clients to opt for a full managed service or select specific options from our menu of solutions.

Ongoing Monitoring Questionnaire

ORC actively collaborates with our clients to craft a tailored ongoing monitoring questionnaire, issued to their existing managers at a pre-agreed frequency.


The questionnaire is designed to deliver an up-to-date assessment of the risks identified during the ODD process, while also staying vigilant for new and emerging risks.

Regulator, Background and Negative News Screening

Long-term investors often maintain partnerships with external managers over extended periods, making background checks and negative news screening conducted at the point of investment quickly outdated.


ORC actively provides up-to-date checks at an agreed frequency, utilising powerful data aggregation software via Dow Jones Risk Centre, keeping our clients informed of any current events that may impact the risk of their investment, including reputational risk.

Fund Administrator Transparency Report Analysis

ORC's experienced ODD team conducts a detail review of the Fund Administrator Transparency Report to highlight the important risks to its clients.

Seamless Form ADV Review

ORC's automated platform can provide seamless reviews of the Form ADV, allowing its clients to streamline a typically laborious process and have access only to the information that matters.

Automated Scoring

The Manager's responses are automatically assigned an initial score based on a pre-defined customisable methodology.

ORC reviews and validates the automated scoring applied by the system and overrides scoring following the review of supporting documentation.

Milestone Monitoring

The ODD process is often collaborative, involving feedback from ORC and our clients to managers on remediation activities aimed at mitigating identified risks.


ORC's milestone monitoring solution actively tracks the status of these remediation activities and assesses the quality of their implementation.

Audited Financial Statement Analysis

ORC's experienced ODD team conducts a detailed review of both the fund and the manager's audited financial statements, summarizing the information in a digestible form for our clients.


We offer our clients insights into key areas, such as the valuation of assets in the fund or the ongoing viability of the manager.

Adhoc Flash Questionnaire

ORC can issue flash questionnaire's at the clients request to respond to client directives or specific risks that require an urgent response.

ORC will design and issue a bespoke questionnaire to collect the required data from the manager's and review and validate the responses to present to the client.