Raising Institutional Investment Standards




ESG Framework Design

As asset allocators navigate the evolving landscape of ESG approaches, ORC actively supports them in shaping their strategies.


We collaborate with our clients, aiding them in defining and documenting their ESG objectives, and we work together to craft a robust ESG governance framework aligned with these objectives.

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ESG Due Diligence

As ESG policies become a standard requirement in institutional investor due diligence, concerns arise about the implementation gap between policy and practice.


ORC actively assists asset owners in identifying and mitigating these gaps by conducting a thorough assessment of the implementation and integration of ESG policies within the investment process and governance structure. We also support proactive assessments for asset managers seeking to evaluate their own ESG policy implementation.

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"At ORC, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for ESG. We actively partner with our clients to understand their objectives and support the creation of bespoke ESG frameworks."

Maria Long


Our ESG Credentials

Regulatory Interaction

As part of an active involvement in shaping industry standards, an ORC partner has played a pivotal role in consulting with global regulators on the implementation of ESG regulations within asset management.

Thought Leadership

ORC partners have previously taken a proactive stance in contributing to the ESG discourse by authoring seven whitepapers on ESG frameworks, regulation and the application of ESG in various alternative investment strategies on behalf of a global industry standard-setting organization. Our commitment to thought leadership in the evolving landscape of ESG considerations remains as we continue to actively contribute to the thought leadership space.

Industry Involvement

ORC proudly highlights our partner's substantial contributions to advancing ESG governance in the investment industry. Serving as the chair of a Responsible Investment Working Group with more than 200 global allocators and asset managers, advising the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for ESG and being a key member of the PRI Committee for Hedge Funds, our partner actively shapes and influences ESG practices at the highest levels.