Operational Due Diligence

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We partner with multiple asset owners, serving as their ODD partner and leveraging the benefits of our industry-leading ODD framework. ORC adopts partnership approaches that encompass fully outsourced models, co-sourced models and providing behind-the-scenes support for in-house teams.


In collaboration with our clients, ORC actively safeguards their interests by identifying operational risks at the point of investment, within the full spectrum of liquid and illiquid asset classes. Allowing for regional flavour and manager maturity while maintaining the integrity of our rigorous due diligence process.

ORC efficiently completes ODDs within 4-6 weeks using our robust ODD framework.

Benefits of ODD

Why Conduct ODD?

Investments face risks beyond poor performance, encompassing factors such as fraud, regulatory challenges and reputational risks.


ORC conducts comprehensive ODD assessments, ensuring our clients make informed investments in external managers. We deliver detailed, tailored and time-bound recommendations to these managers, empowering our clients to effectively mitigate specific investment risks.

Robust ODD Process

ORC's senior team, with over 100 years of practical experience gained at leading asset managers and asset owners, has meticulously curated our comprehensive ODD framework.


Built around nine defined risk themes, this framework actively assesses non-investment risks in our clients' portfolios, incorporating thorough analysis of audited financial statements, background checks and negative news searches.

Why ORC?

Adaptable ODD Solutions

ORC actively tailors solutions to meet our clients' needs, whether they require full ODD outsourcing, a co-sourced model or simply some support for their internal team.


In ODD, there's no one-size-fits-all approach, and at ORC, we craft bespoke client reports. These reports prioritize areas of significance to our clients without compromising the underlying comprehensive ODD framework.

Giving Asset Managers Tools to Improve

ORC actively provides clients with insights into the operational risks they face while championing the improvement of the investment ecosystem for the benefit of all institutional investors.


Our process goes beyond identifying risks; we provide asset managers with feedback and deliver tailored, specific and time-bound recommendations. These recommendations account for both the maturity of the manager and the markets they operate in.

How We Do It

Pre-Meeting Analysis

ORC's experienced team actively conducts an in-depth analysis in advance of the meeting. This includes a thorough review of a comprehensive RFI and supporting documents, covering the spectrum from registration and incorporation evidence to detailed policies and procedures.


Our meticulous analysis ensures optimal use of our client's and their managers' time, focusing on specific risks relative to the investment.

Bespoke Client Reports

ORC consistently applies a clear risk rating methodology to all ODDs. We tailor reports for our clients, emphasizing key risk areas and offering specific, time-bound recommendations for risk remediation. Our reports also include responses from external managers regarding identified risks and recommendations.


We strive to deliver ODD reports within four to six weeks from the initiation of the process, ensuring timely feedback to our clients about the risks associated with their investments.

Ongoing Monitoring

Operational risk persists post investment. ORC actively manages ongoing manager monitoring through a fully managed solution that combines sophisticated automation with a qualitative overlay from our senior team of highly experienced ODD practitioners.


Our fully remote and highly automated assessment can eliminate the need for periodic onsite due diligence meetings with managers, thereby significantly enhancing our clients’ capacity to focus on value-add activities.

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Targeted Onsite or Virtual Meeting

ORC actively targets specific areas of concern or gaps in information during our onsite (or virtual) meetings.


We invite our clients to attend and, should they choose to, participate in these meetings, as we facilitate interviews with key personnel, in-depth exploration of procedures and requesting system demos and trade walkthroughs when appropriate.

Supporting In-House ODD

ORC acknowledges that some clients prefer to retain engagement with the manager on their inhouse teams during ODD meetings but often encounter capacity challenges.


We actively support clients by integrating into their team, ensuring they are fully prepared for upcoming meetings through comprehensive RFI review and documentation analysis.