Ongoing Service Review

Raising Institutional Investment Standards



Selection marks only the inception of a long-term partnership with service providers. The ongoing monitoring of service quality and the evolution of the relationship are crucial.


ORC actively supports our clients by conducting regular service review meetings with their service providers on their behalf. Collaborating closely with our clients, we address issues or changing requirements, and rigorously assess the service provider's performance using a robust scoring methodology directly linked to KPIs and SLAs.

We can also leverage our sophisticated technology to provide clients with a clear, dynamic overview of their counterparty risk exposure and allow the visualisation of trends. The technology provides an efficient vendor management solution to help to reduce counterparty risk exposure over time.

Benefits of Ongoing Service Review

Why Conduct Service Reviews?

As our clients mature and evolve, it is crucial that their custody or fund administrator partner does the same. Due to changing relationships and the significant turnover often seen at these institutions, these partnerships require constant monitoring.


ORC actively collaborates with our clients, applying its extensive experience to maintain and enhance their relationships with their custodian or fund administrator.

Why ORC?

Comprehensive Review Framework

ORC actively supports our clients by assisting them in drafting and agreeing on crucial relationship documents, including SLAs and KPIs.


Utilizing these frameworks, ORC tailors bespoke review frameworks for our clients and conducts detailed service review meetings on their behalf. We document the results of this process and apply our expert overlay to assess whether the levels of service are appropriate for the relationship.

How We Do It

SLA and KPI Creation

The foundation of a successful partnership lies in clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of our clients and their chosen service provider.


ORC actively supports our clients by recommending and drafting detailed SLAs and associated KPIs. We ensure these are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and accurately assess the performance of the custodian or fund administrator.

Service Review Meeting

ORC conducts service review meetings on behalf of our clients, inviting them to attend and participate as desired.


These targeted meetings complete the comprehensive assessment of the service levels being provided to our clients and inform any remediation actions to be recommended to their custodian or fund administrator.

Detailed Desktop Analysis

ORC actively triangulates the SLA, KPIs and reporting on operational incidents and events. Overlaying this with a detailed understanding from our clients regarding their view of the relationship and any issues they are experiencing.


We utilize this detailed analysis to form an initial assessment of the service levels provided by the custodian or fund administrator, informing the service review meeting.

Comprehensive Service Review Report

Following the desktop analysis and service review meeting, ORC delivers a comprehensive report to our clients.


Our report provides clients with an informed view not only on the results of the service review but also an analysis of how the custodian or fund administrator’s service is trending over time. Our robust framework enables clients to compare outcomes across different service providers.


We carefully craft specific and timebound recommendations for enhancements, helping our clients continue to improve relationships with their important partners.